Frequently Asked Questions

No. Some providers require that list owners reconfirm their entire list before sending, often causing significant list attrition. Savicom's Delivery Assurance department uses more sophisticated measures to ensure that customer lists are opt-in, preserving your subscribers. For more information about Savicom's Delivery Assurance practices, Click here .

In order to protect the reputation of all of Savicom's customers and ensure the maximum deliverability for customer email, spam (UCE) is not permitted to be sent from Savicom's networks. For more information, see Savicom's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). For additional information on Savicom's AUP, contact Savicom Delivery Assurance.

No. Savicom provides services for customers to manage and send email to their own lists, and sends out a monthly newsletter which contains helpful resources and tips for list building and maintenance.

CPM means pricing based on a cost per thousand email messages sent. For example, $0.50 CPM means $0.50 per 1,000 emails, or $0.0005 (one twentieth of one cent) per email.


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