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Upcoming Major ISP DMARC Policy Changes

Recently, new rules have emerged with the major ISPs (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft) where they have set their DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) policy to reject messages from their respective domains. While this may not affect large companies who use their own business email addresses to send messages, this could have severe delivery problems for smaller business who may be sending from their own Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft accounts.

Get your From Address Correct

If you are a business that sends mass email with a Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft address it may be time to consider purchasing a custom email address to send your emails messages from. Not only will this help with deliverability, but it will also help your company and its messages appear much more professional and legitimate in the eyes of the ISPs and message recipients.

Domains In Question

Here are some of the domains in question

Yahoo,, [ Effective Now ]


[ Effective at the end of June ]
Microsoft,, [ Effective Soon ]

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