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Email Timing & Frequency [ Re-Issue ]

Clicks by time of day opened are helpful in knowing when to send out emails for a greater percentage of opens and clicks. Clicks by time of day are different for each company based on your target audience. To find this data, log in at, go to the Reporting tab at the top left, click on View Message Status & Response Reports, and click on the specific open and click metrics of each campaign to view charts involving opens, clicks, delivered, and unsubscribed for each campaign. We list everything from the type of email and links to the creatives, to the time of day emails are opened.

It is better to send educational emails (intended for reading) earlier in the week and actionable emails later when email recipients have more time. People are more likely to respond to promotional emails on weekends due to low send volume and competition from other email senders. Although most emails are opened on Tuesdays, the highest CTRs usually occur over the weekend. The highest engagement rates occur between 8 PM and 12 AM once people are off work and have time to read your emails (Experian). Therefore, it is better to send your emails in the afternoon or later if you want them to reply. You should send your emails as close as possible to the time you want your readers to open the emails. The open rate drops to less than 5% after 4 hours in your inbox (Experian). Of course, you should also know your audience's needs and schedules and provide interesting content for a better response rate. As always, test out different days and times for effective lifecycle management.

As for frequency, make sure to segment your lists to divide your avid fans from those who do not want to receive as many emails. You want to interact with your most interested customers while not annoying others who can mark your emails as SPAM if you send too many unwanted emails. You should test out how many you should send per segment, whether it's monthly, weekly, or daily. The frequency with which you send emails is also relevant for better lead generation as engaged customers will eventually turn into sales prospects with enough nurturing.

Please contact if you need any assistance in implementing any of the above recommendations or simply want to bounce your own ideas off our dedicated team of Delivery Assurance personnel.

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